Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas. Already?

I know. I know. Christmas just ended (my tree is actually still up. don't judge me.) so why launch into the next holiday so soon!?! Well, I am a big fan of this national day o' love and I can't help starting to brainstorm some ways to celebrate it this year - especially since it is me and my husband's first Valentine's Day as a married couple!!! And well, the stores really don't help either - shelves are already piled high with pink and red decor, cards, candy and the like. So, here are some fun ideas from around the web to spark your creativity, and maybe even your romance, this Valentine's Day ;)



  1. LOVE the stemless champ flute... i always get my bf and i a new glass each valentines day, this is going on my list of glasses to consider! they'd be so cute with our initials:)

  2. i love all of these! thanks for sharing, friend :)