Saturday, April 2, 2011

England, Days 3 & 4

Day 3: Kyle and I met Jenna early in the morning and boarded a bus to the "big city" = London. When we arrived two hours later, we headed straight to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Parliament - amazing! Then we strolled around the rest of the city, saw Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, checked out The London Eye, and more, all while we tried to avoid the mobs of protesters (the biggest protest in London in 8 years. crazy!)...who later caused a big raucous and shut down some of the Tube! But, all-in-all, another great day!

Day 4: We spent the day exploring a bit more of Oxford City with our lovely tour guide, Jenna Mae. After stopping in a few stores and picking up some gifts, we climbed the Oxford Mound to get a good view of the whole city and snap a few pics. Then, we ventured through a few of the colleges, including New College where Jenna studied for the semester. We also took a lovely punt ride on the Thames River, which gave us and got a chance to enjoy the beautiful, warm weather and sunshine.


  1. ahhhh beautiful! and i'm so glad you had sunshine! we had typical gloomy, rainy english weather when we were there..