Monday, September 5, 2011

Three Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying this day off as much as I am. There is really nothing better than a long weekend...and so far, it's been a great one! I kicked it off with a trip into Philly on a Friday with Kyle and my sister Jenna - we saw the Weepies perform and devoured giant slices of pizza on South Street. Saturday included some sweet thrifting finds, a lot of baking (nutella swirled banana bread, sugar cookies in the shape of elephants and oreo stuffed peanut butter cookies) and dinner with my family-in-law. And on Sunday, I took a nap for probably the first time in a year and made homemade pizza and watched movies with Kyle. Today there's not much on the agenda...and I am loving it! Hope you are having a great three-day weekend too!


  1. Wow! Were you guys baking for an army? Sounds like you may have extras...I'll email you my mailing address. ;) Sounds like a great weekend...Wheepies would be awesome.

  2. haha yes, a lot of baking AND a lot of eating...I think I am experiencing sugar-overload - definitely heading to the gym tonight! :)