Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Part of my quick trip to Massachusetts last weekend included cranberries, and lots of 'em. My sister's in-laws own cranberry bogs and we were fortunate enough to be there the weekend they harvested them. If you have never had the opportunity to see a cranberry bog being wet-picked, well let me tell ya, it's quite the sight to be seen - the colors of the berries are so vibrant and its exciting to see the men (and little kids, and dogs too!) hard at work, corraling the berries to be sucked up by the giant machines. So, who time you have a glass of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, maybe it will be made from the berries from the Powell bog!


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  1. The way the berries swirl in the water looks like modern art! So glad you shared your experience. I love to make cranberry chutney in Nov and Dec - it won't be long now. :)