Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Little Camper Baby Shower

My sister and brother-in-law enjoy spending time outdoors and are avid campers, so when the time came to choose a gender-neutral theme for Katie's shower, "Happy Little Camper" seemed to be the perfect fit. It was a lot of fun planning for this event and crafting and preparing the food and decorations. Our menu featured pita wedges, chips and homemade salsa, fruit and cheese, baked beans, and veggie sticks. For dessert, I turned to Kristen at Eat Dessert First for some mini red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese topping that were to die for, and my mom made s'mores brownies and dried apricots dipped in white chocolate. We set up a hot-beverage station with cider, hot cocoa, coffee and tea and gave away packets of trail mix as the favor. For decorations, I gathered a ton of acorns and pine cones, found lanterns of varying shapes and sizes, used some of our family camping gear, including a camping chair, flash lights, sleeping bags, and dishware, scattered little woodland creatures throughout, and more. Everyone seemed to have a really great time celebrating Katie and Jeremy's growing we just wait until Baby Powell gets here!

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  1. this is SOOOOO adorable!! :) almost makes me want to have a baby. lol. BUT NOT YET! you are super creative chica! ;)