Friday, August 17, 2012

OEPC Coffee House

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I hosted a coffee house for the 40+ teenagers who attend the Senior High Youth Group at our church. I decorated with loads of Christmas lights and candles and created a coffee station, complete with a chalkboard menu, where kids could order fun beverages: french vanilla, almond joy and caramel iced coffees, fancy chocolate milks, Shirley temples, and root beer floats. Kyle set-up his equipment by the stage to play music as the kids filtered in, as well as in-between acts and during intermission.

A handful of teens performed throughout the night - there were solos and duets, ukulele and guitar players, dancers and even comedians. I was so impressed by the talent and glad to see so much involvement. Everyone had a great time and many requests where made for another coffee house this winter.

 Thank you to Alex Medvick for the pictures! 

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  1. looks like it was a success! i love the new blog look! :)