Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It is absolutely gorgeous here in Philadelphia and I pretty much could not be more in love with this day. I must admit, however, that I am a little bummed because I didn't get a chance to document anything from the weekend. In addition to anniversary dinners and birthday celebrations with family, I was busy crafting and creating little surprises and gifts for my husband - such as the cute little heart-shaped notes that I placed around the house this morning. I also made yummy festive cookies, which my husband loved, and have several other things up my sleeve for this evening. ;)

Valentine Letterpress Card

I hope you all have a wonderful day of full of lots of love, and chocolate, with your significant other, family and friends. And, don't forget to check out Anthropolgies new line of wedding dresses, accessories and more that were unveiled today!!! Visit What do you think?


  1. Absolutely loved BHLDN! Not so sure I'ld be able to pull any of those gowns off but thats besides the point! I really loved the jewelry & shoes and I'm excited to see what else they come out with! Thanks for the tip! =)

  2. Yes, I had a great time with my significant grandma. :)

    New follower.

  3. Thanks Shannon! I will definitely stop over to check out your blog too :)